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Garrison Keillor and the Red Clay Ramblers
on the Prairie Home Companion
(1979) from Nic Siler's collection
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Front: Jack Herrick
Mike Craver
Jim Watson
Bill Hicks (with friend Jade)
Tommy Thompson
Back: Patti Dinsmore
Dave Fry
Photo posted on Facebook by Cindy Dinsmore
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Thanks to Bill Hicks for these pics of Red Clay Ramblers concert posters currently papering his ceiling.

1977 Red Clay Ramblers show in Romania and see the review of the show!

Red Clay Ramblers with Emmylou Harris in 1980.
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Chapel Hill, l979, photo by Rick Doble - outtake of the Chuckin' the Frizz session.
Chapel Hill, l980, photo by Chris Baker  - one of the photos taken for the Meeting  in the Air album.

Benefit concert for The Ark Coffeehouse
Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1980
The Ark was one of the first folk venues in the country.
John Hammond on the ladder behind Tommy Thompson, Mike Craver, & Jim Watson in the left corner.  Dave Bromberg's wife under Watson's elbow. Front: Leon Redbone, Linda Siglin, & Hedy West.  Jay Ungar behind Linda then David Bromberg, Jim Ringer, Mary McCastin & unknown guy on the end.   That's Dave Siglin next to Bill Hicks on the other ladder with Onya Siglin,  Jack Herrick behind Jim Ringer. 
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Review of the Red Clay Ramblers first of many Ark shows.

The folk magazine, Come For to Sing, interviewed Tommy Thompson, Jim Watson, and Bill Hicks at the 1980 Winnipeg Folk Festival.  Read the interview, too.
(photos by Emily Friedman)
rcrmc04b.jpg (31768 bytes)rcrmc05b.jpg (44560 bytes)
Beards come, 'stashes go.   Both pics of the Red Clay Ramblers were taken at the Walnut Valley Festival, Winfield, KS
(photos by Maurice W. Eagle)
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Tom Dummer's Wall - posters/tickets/business cards
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Tom Dummer of the Hiawatha Festival in Michigan sent this picture of his wall to Bill in 2014.  Here's what Tom wrote: "You guys were in the UP in spring 1980.  Hiawatha was formed in 1979, and I started plastering posters on the wall of the spare room in my cabin.  I put up posters, flyers, tickets and other ephemera from any and all events we had. ... 2 years ago was a busy summer and all I managed to get done was to empty out the 2 last rooms.  That is when I rediscovered the archive walls, and I took some pictures.  There you were in all of your 1980 glory!  Somewhere in purging and storing I also came across a small stack of tickets to the armory dance you guys played for.  Ah, life as a hoarder!"  Many thanks to Tom for passing this on.  Bill, Mike, and Jim along with Joe Newberry returned to the Hiawatha Traditional Music Festival in Marquette MI in 2013.

rcrChicago.jpg (58384 bytes)
Ramblers in Chicago less Bill
(pic by Nancy Buik)

rcrmc06c.jpg (39835 bytes)
There's a big difference now-- that's not Bill Hicks behind the coffee cup in this shot of the Blurs.  It's Clay Buckner, who joined the band when Bill left the roadlife.  (photo by John Rosenthal)

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