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The pleasures of life on the road!
Clay works on a tire with help (?) from Jim and Jack at the back. 
Mike took  this picture worth at least a 1000 words.

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1981 shots of Mike Craver, the Red Clay Ramblers, and Ralph Stanley & the Clinch Mountain Boys
(pics from Mike Craver)
Read along with Bill Hicks' Blurred Time chapter "A Trip With Ralph"
Reviews of the Stanley/RCR shows: Folkscene 1978 | Victory Music Folk and Jazz Review 1977
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concert review
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These two early '80's photos were sent to rcr_fan as freebies when she bought an RCR LP off ebay.  Bonus!


<==Clay and Mike playing
"I Crept into the Crypt"

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Red Clay Ramblers 1985
photos by John Rosenthal

Chris Baker's cartoon Blurs also appeared in another version of  the poster he designed at right.  A larger version is just a click away.

Tommy in "Life on the Mississippi" (1982)
Jack and Tommy ramble in the costumes backstage

(photo from Jack Herrick)

The Red Clay Ramblers on the soap opera Ryan's Hope while in New York for Lie of the Mind (1986)

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1986 pic of the Red Clay Ramblers and the rest
of the cast of Sam Shepard's play Lie of the Mind.
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Jesse sent along the program cover of A Lie of the Mind(Click for a larger version.)

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