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Red Clay Ramblers 1976
William and Mary Hall
Williamsburg, Virginia
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The pics on this page came from Nic Siler.  Nic lived in Chapel Hill in the seventies and traveled with a sound system--a great vantage point for pics.  He also, by chance, was in Minnesota for the Red Clay Ramblers' appearance on the Prairie Home Companion show in 1979 and also caught RCR at the Vancouver Folk Festival in 1980.  After a chance meeting with Jim Watson recently, Nic sent us his fine collection of Rambler pics.  He's still looking for the Vancouver pics so join us in sending him thanks for these and cyber vibes to help him find the rest!
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Mike remembers they were reading a skit Garrison wrote about RCR
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Garrison Keillor and the Red Clay Ramblers
A Prairie Home Companion
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Sneak Vancouver preview:
Program cover
List of Performers
Red Clay Ramblers bio/pic
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July 5, 2003