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Enjoy these Red Clay Ramblers pics from Mike Craver's collection
Eno River
Festival, '76

Notice Watson's famous Amyl Nitrate tee shirt!

(click on each picture for a larger version - photos by  Tom Cox)

Red Clay Ramblers with Debby McClatchy
Pinewoods Folk Music Camp

(Ed. note: Debby recorded Bill's "You Were Only F-bleep-ing While I Was Making Love" with RCR)

(photo by Susanne Szasz)

Festival for the Eno, Eno River, Durham, NC, Summer, 1976

(click on the pic for a larger version - photo by Cece Conway)

from 1976
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"Where the Twisted Laurel Grows"

Red Clay Ramblers close the 29-minute program.  Lelly Mae Ledford and Tommy Jarrell with Barry and Sharon Poss precede them.

These 1976 shots are from Bill Hicks.
Tommy Thompson
On Stage
(photo by Dave DuBuisson )

Jack, Tommy, Bill, Mike, and Jim (photo by Cece Conway)
1976 Pictures from Nic Siler's collection (click any pic for a whole page)
In June, 1976, the Red Clay Ramblers were the first band ever to play the Down Home in Johnson City, TN.  Ed Snodderly tells this story: "We went up to a festival and hired Tommy Thompson and the Red Clay Ramblers.  Then we looked at each other and said, 'Now we have to go build a club for them to play.'"  Jim Beck gave this 1976 photo to Craver, Hicks, Watson, and Newberry at their Down Home show in 2006. (Click for larger view.)
This picture was found on a display at the Down Home in Johnson City, TN, in 2002.  The DH let us borrow it to make a copy.  This picture shows our Red Clay Ramblers at some time in the later 1970s. Photo credit to Annie Malone. (Click for larger view.)

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