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Many thanks to Mike Craver for contributing most of the pics on this page.

"The one of Tommy was taken by me in the early 80's in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, I think."
"The group one was taken around l977/78, I believe.  It was taken at the Roxy Theatre in Greenville, NC.  I don't know who snapped it. 
left to right:  Jack Herrick, myself, Tommy Thompson, Jim Watson, Bill Hicks."
"America's premier 'whatzit band.'"
"The Ramblers ... are bawdy, bright, funny and establish instant rapport with their audience."
 Ed Davis in the Greensboro Daily News (11/17/78) found the quotes above and has some fine things to say himself.  What is a "whatzit?"Read the article.
photo by Cece Conway
Around the original Beefalo
(larger view or a color view)
photo by Cece Conway

Bill in Stockholm '77
(photo by Mike Craver - click for larger view)

Jack, Bill, and Tommy with Jerry Garcia.
What a long, strange trip it's been.
(from Bill Hicks' collection)


Concert in Knoxville, Tenn., ~l978. Photos by Richard Connors
apr78_001.jpg (87741 bytes)apr78_002.jpg (37719 bytes)apr78_group_002.jpg (57454 bytes)
Cece Conway's 1978 publicity photos of the band. 
The third one is our close up crop of the second, but we miss the Washington Monument effect Cece put in.
(click on each pic for a larger view)
The Red Clay Ramblers tape a television show in West Virginia with Tommy Jarrell, who is shown playing with Sugar Hill Records' Barry Poss and Fuzzy Mountain String Band's Sharon Sandomirsky - photos by Cece Conway.

 The Red Clay Ramblers here and below are
l978 photos by David Landy from The Folk Festival Book
about the Winnipeg Folk Festival in the late seventies.

Tommy Thompson, second from right, with (l-r) Duck Donald, Tom
Janzen,  John LeClaire, and Janette Carter (Sara and A.P.'s daughter)

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