Diamond Studs
The Life of Jesse James
(L to R) Back row: Abby Lewis, Jan Davidson, Mike Craver, Bland Simpson, Bill Hicks, Edith Davis
2nd: Jim Watson, Mike Sheehan, Anne Gilland, Joyce Cohen, Penny Peyser
1st: Bill Smith, Tommy Thompson, Madelyn Smoak, Jack Herrick, John Foley, Scott Bradley, Frances Tamburro
front: Jim Wann (photo by Dick Duane)
Mike Craver and Bland Simpson under the piano keys, and dance hall gals ( l-r)  Penny Peyser, Anne Gilland, Edith Davis, and Abigail Lewis (photos by Dick Duane)
Mike Craver (Bernie Greencheese, bank teller and assistant) and Bland Simpson (banker Mr. Porkbarrel)
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Snapshots found in Bill Hick's Diamond Studs scrapbook
(l to r) Bill with Madelyn Smoak, Bill and his mom, Bill, and Bill's relatives in Diamond Studs T's!
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April, 1999
updated October 26, 2013