Diamond Studs
The Life of Jesse James
More stills from the New York run in 1975.

 Tommy Thompson, Bill Hicks, and Jim Watson
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An upstaging problem!
Jim Wann (Jesse James) may have found the only way to upstage Tommy Thompson, who looks fetching here (except for a minor facial hair problem) in costume as Jesse James' mother.   Tommy also played the role of Jesse's cousin Cole Younger.  Clive Barnes wrote about Tommy this way: "a huge man with a red beard and a fine talent."
Hicks as Bocephus!
Bill Hicks shares this scene with Rick Simpson who left the show and was replaced by Jack Herrick who became the fifth Red Clay Rambler 
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More stills - just click on the thumbnails for a big version; hit "back" to return here. All of the black and white photographs on this page are by Laura W. Pettibone

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