Red Clay Ramblers Theater
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Red Clay Ramblers + theater = Diamond Studs
1974 Chapel Hill, 1975 New York
Studs gets it's very own section of the website.  Check out the reviews ("Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes!"), the recordings, stills, candids, souvenirs
Shakespeare's As You Like It, l974
Everyman Company, Chapel Hill

Left to right: Liz Cullington, Mike Craver, Bill Hicks, Susan Smith (sitting), Marcia Wilson, Tommy Thompson, Doug Hill, Jim Watson. 
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Three Penny Opera l972
Mike Craver and Jack "John" Herrick work together for the first time. You will note familiar names, Dave Olney and Jim Wann. The Jim Watson in this one is not our Jim Watson, but another.
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Midsummer Night's Dream, very early 70s,
Everyman Company

Life on the Mississippi, 1982
Tommy Thompson (right)
Life on the Mississippi page
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The Winter's Tale, 1976 or 1977
Program by Liz Cullington
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Big River, La Jolla Playhouse, summer of l984
Directed by Dez MacAnuff (he directed Tommy on Broadway) - more on Big River and RCR theater
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The Last Song of John Proffit 1984
Tommy Thompson's one-act play
(From the collection of Roy C. Dicks)
John Proffit page
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1989 program for 
The Merry Wives of Windsor, Texas
(From the collection of Roy C. Dicks)
This play was first staged in 1972 and reached Off-Broadway in 2004.
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Sam Shepard's Lie of the Mind 1985
More on Lie of the Mind
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Fool Moon, Hollywood, 1994
(From the collection of Roy C. Dicks)
The opening of this particular run of Fool Moon was held up by the massive Los Angeles earthquake!

Mike Craver's musicals

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2001 - 2002 A Tune for Tommy
a play coauthored by Jesse Thompson Eustice
about Tommy Thompson
(based on writings by Jesse Thompson Eustice,
Tommy Thompson, and Bill Hicks)
A Tune for Tommy page
March 11, 2008