Diamond Studs Posters and Flyers 1974-75
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Westside Theater
New York City
A glittery poster surrounded by Studs dollars that showered the audience from Jesse James' stolen loot.
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Ranch House
Chapel Hill
Where Diamond Studs began, was "discovered" and taken to New York
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Chelsea Theater Center
Westside Theater, NY
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Concert at the
Westside Theater
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Washington DC
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Triumphant return to the Ranch House
after New York and DC
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Ad for the original run at the Ranch House.  Note the sold out and SRO shows!
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"Year of Jubilo" 
The first poster above was generously given to Bren Overholt by Libby Hicks.  Other original posters are in the collections of Mike Craver and Bill Hicks.
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Bill's script from Diamond Studs
Two recordings were made of Diamond Studs Music in the '70s
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