Diamond Studs
The Life of Jesse James
Diamond Studs recordings

Webgal's note: While you cannot buy the out-of-print recordings below, you can get a cast recording of the 2006 Mojo Productions run of Diamond Studs at the Barn at Fearrington Village, Chapel Hill NC.  To order a CD of the music by the 2006 cast, send a $15 check to
Franklin Golden
820 Sedgefield Street
Durham, NC 27705 or contact
Diamond Studs recordings from the '70s
Diamond Studs music was recorded on the two Pasquotank records below as well as one song ("Year of Jubilo") on the Red Clay Ramblers' Stolen Love LP (1975)
The Original New York City Cast (Spring, 1975)
Red Clay Ramblers (Tommy Thompson, Bill Hicks, Jim Watson, and Mike Craver), 
Southern States Fidelity Choir (Jim Wann, Bland Simpson, John Foley, Mike Sheehan, and Jan Davidson) and friends Jack Herrick, Madelyn Smoak, Frances Tamburro, Scott Bradley, Joyce Shilke Cohen
"Diamond Studs (Cakewalk Into Kansas City)"
"Steal Away"

Band: Gravy Boat
Jim Wann, Bland Simpson, Cass Morgan, Joe Deluca, Michael Sachs
"Jesse James Robbed This Train"
"Abiding with You"
"Cakewalk Into Kansas City"
"Sleepy Time Down South"

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August 2, 2008