Mike Craver's journal entry - 1977 A. P. Carter Memorial Festival

August, l977. Saturday afternoon at the Festival, Carter Family Fold, Hiltons, Va.  Maybelle Carter's long shiny black limousine pulled up to the stage door and she and Sara were helped out.  It was a hot afternoon, but they were both wearing long black evening gowns.  Maybelle was in very bad health at that point in her life, and she had to have people to walk with her, one on each side to hold her up.  She could no longer play the guitar, but she still sat on the stage that afternoon and tried to sing along with Sara and Joe and Janette.  As soon as they were introduced the flashbulbs started popping.  I'd never seen so many flashbulbs going off in my life.  There were continual bursts of light all through their entire set.   Three of the songs I remembered Sara singing were  "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Rules The World," "Lord Lift Me Up To Higher Ground," and "While the Band Is Playing Dixie I'll Be Humming Home Sweet Home."  I remember Bill Clifton staying close by her side. He and Sara seemed to be old friends.  I thought him such an interesting and sophisticated person. 

Mike's pictures of Sara and her children at the Carter Family Fold, 1976.

Sara and A.P. Carter had three children, pictured here at the Carter Family Fold.
l-r: Janette, Sara, Joe, Gladys

Sara Carter
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Sara Carter
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Sara Carter (left) and Gladys (right)

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