November 28, 2000
My Trip to West Virginia:
a mute tribute to my heritage

Tommy Thompson, St. Albans, St. Marks, Great Grandpa Campbell, Great Grandma Gracie Campbell, Uncle Charlie, Aunt Marty, Aunt Katie, Uncle Pinky, Joanie, Little Grandma, Grandpa Thompson, Great Grandpa Thompson, Great Grandma Thompson, Lanny, Wilhelmina, all the Bullards, Bullards' Rock, The Christmas Tree Farm on Peter's Mountain, Uncle Edwin Fairfax Thompson, Aunt SueAnn, Cousin Ken, Cousins Beverly, Woody, Amber, Allison, Cousin Sandy, Bill Nardo, Brent, Jeff, Marla, Amanda, Brandon, Morris and Rachel Mecum, Catherine and Eddie Mills, Ed and Jerry Keleman, David, Ann, Betsy, and FOOTMAD, The Fret'n Fiddle, Joe Dobbs, Union Carbide, Twisted Laurel, Blacksmoke Train, Brother Tom Ashley, Ivydale, Tony Ellis, Louise Adkins, Quaker Girl, so much to say.
Seated: Norman Ellingwood, Beverly Ellingwood, and Bettie Mills
Standing: Sandy Ellingwood, Hazel Burdette, Katie Ellington, Catherine Mills, Jerry and Katy Keleman, David, Edward, and Cathie Mills, Ed Keleman, and Joe and Nancy Burdette
September 6, 1953 - Kanawha State Park, Charleston, WVa

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Roots of the Red Clay Ramblers:
Fuzzy Mountain String Band: Jesse's mom, Bobbie, recorded with Rambler Bill Hicks and others
Hollow Rock String Band: Tommy and Bobbie Thompson named this band for their community

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November 28, 2000