November 22, 2001
Two papers I found.

This first one is in Barbara Sydenham Thompson's handwriting:

 Sunday, November 8th,  [1971] 

...We recorded 1/2 of our record this weekend, using Bill's new Sony tapedeck & 5 microphones--much much better. One weekend (with Eric) (this one was with Blanton) & we hope to complete it. 

Saw V. Hill and met Paul Sat. night at the Cats Cradle--we earned $35 towards our record. Jesse is Titania and Wall. She is saying her lines to me now--rather well too. 

Looking forward to seeing you. 

The second one is in a nine or ten year old's handwriting:

 [by] Jesse [for school] 
My mother is an "artist." She drawing and print-macking. Lately most of her drawing (lately) has been figure drawing and farmhouses. 

Her  print-macking is called intaglio print-macking, but there are many kinds of intaglio print maching, the word intaglio is just to establish it from relief printing (done differently) the way (her kind of) intaglio print-macking is done is: you use a zink or copper plate and cover it with asfultem, then you draw on it with a pencil-like thing (that has no lead and is meatel) which scrapes throgh the asfaultem (asfaultem is acid resestent) and put it in a nitric acid bath which etches throw the lines scraped in the asfaultem. Then you ink the plate and put it through the (old fashoned hand worked)...printing press. Then you have a print! 

Well I can't explain how she draws because drawing is drawing and that's that. 

Mommy has had many showes of her Drawing and print-macking but is not yet world-famous. 

 --by Jesse Thompson 

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November 22, 2001