A Thousand Words Yet to Come
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 photo by Cece Conway
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Jesse's self portrait
Jesse's Tom Ashley on the couch
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More of Jesse's view of Tom Ashley (click on each pic for a larger one - "back" to return)
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A Fiddler's Convention in 1971
Jesse in America Hurrah
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Debby Freed
mother, banjo player, writer, photographer
Debby's 1981 Photo of the
Harris and Ferrel Store in Bynum
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At Macalester College (Hubert Humphrey's, Walter Mondale's, Khofi Annan's, and Jesse T. Eustice's alma mater) they have a thing called Interim in January. Students are allowed to do idependent study projects off campus. I got signed up with my favorite humanities Professor, Roger Blakely (God rest his soul) to go home and write an "Oral History" of Bynum, NC. I asked a high school friend and co-bicyclist to take the photos. She consented, and we got started. John Snipes of Bynum, NC told us about African Americans buried in the Chatham County Woods. As I recall, we searched for three days before we finally find the graveyard. Most graves in this cemetery are marked with rocks, but this one had a headstone. We made this grave rubbing in February 1983.
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James Pickens Collins, Jesse's mother's maternal grandfather from Thompson, Georgia about 1950.

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