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Tour Calendars

Dates and short summaries are linked to a scanned image of the actual calendars.  Click on one to look for your city, then use your browser's Back button to return to the list. 


State/Province/Country with a few cities

August/September, 1975 Del, New Haven and Stamford Conn, NYC, Boston, DC 
May/June, 1976 Conn, NY (includes studio time with Debby McClatchy), WVa (includes taping PBS taping with Morris Brothers), NC, Delaware, VT, NJ, PA, Maryland, VA 
Late summer, 1976 Ala, Tenn, VA, PA, DC, NY City, WVa, NC
November, 1976 NC, NY, Mass, Vermont, PA, Maryland, WVa
February-May, 1977 Maryland, NJ, PA, NY, Conn, Mass, Vermont, PA, Kentucky, NC, Ala, Tenn, Fla, GA
General outline of the European tour: West Germany, Switzerland, Holland, France, Sweden
May-June, 1977 Details of the European Tour sketched out on the previous calendar: West Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Holland, France, Scotland, England
July-August, 1977 NC, Washington (state), Manitoba, Minn, Tenn, Ala, Ark, VA, WVa, NJ, recording in Falls Church, VA
1977 - A year in the life of a Rambler Bill's handwritten calendars for the year
October-December, 1977 Mike says, "These west coast and Canadian dates are all part of a tour we did with Ralph Stanley and his band with Keith Whitley.  It was an amazing tour!!" The Stanley/Red Clay Ramblers show also played Eugene, Oregon on 10/30, not on the list.
WVa, NC, Ala, NY City, Ariz, CA, Oregon, Washington, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Utah, Illinois, Iowa, Tenn
January-April, 1978 (May-September sketched out) VA, NC, SC, PA, NY, Mass, GA, Ala, Tenn, (NC, WVa, Manitoba, Switzerland, UK, Vancouver, Mich)
April-August, 1978 NC, Tenn, VA, Ala, SC, WVa, PA, GA, Minn, Manitoba, Switzerland, England, Belgium, Vancouver
July-August, 1978 More details on the international tour: Minn, Manitoba, London, France, Bretagne, Switzerland, West Germany, England, Belgium, Vancouver
April-June, 1979 Ohio, Mich, Roseanne Cash's wedding reception in Nashville, NC, DC, PA, NY, Ny City, Mass, VA, GA, Tenn, Kan, WVa, Toronto
Summer, 1979 Minn, Wis, Illinois, PA, Tenn, Ala, Fla, Mich, WVa. and another European tour but no details
Summer, 1980 Vermont, Mass, NH, PA, NC, VA, Manitoba, Vancouver, Washington, Oregon, CA, Minn, WVa, NY City, NY, Holland, Scotland, Belgium, Ala
Fall, 1980 Mich, Minn, Wisc, Iowa, NC, MD
December, 1980 Cat's Cradle calendar showing dates for the Red Clay Ramblers and Mike Craver (And we found more of these Cradle calendars drawn by Parthenon Huxly (Ricky Miller) posted by Matt Barrett.  New in 2015: see below for more calendars from 1980-1982 and 1984.
Frostbite Tour, 1981 February-March WVa, PA, Del, NY, Mich, Wisc, Minn, Wash, Alaska, Vancouver, Oregon, NY,  NC
African Tour
Spring, 1981
Nairobi, Seychelles, Mauritius, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, Cameroun, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Niger, Monrovia, NY, Ontario, Tenn
September, 1981 NC, Ala, Mich, Kansas, VA, WVa
1980-1982 Cat's Cradle calendars, Chapel Hill NC.  These are hosted on Mike Craver's website and are from the archives of Elva Bishop
March - April, 1983 VA, PA, NY, Mich, Ohio, Illinois, Wisc
1984 Rhythm Alley gig posters, Chapel Hill NC
Summer, 1985 NC, Tenn, VA, PA, NH, NY, Conn, Jordan, Mich, Illinois, KY, MD, 
Fall, 1985 NC, Kansas, Ohio, VA, PA, SC, NY Tenn and NYC for Sam Shepard's Lie of the Mind
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