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Musicians- Red Clay Ramblers founders
Tommy Thompson
Jim Watson
Bill Hicks
Mike Craver

Pre-Blur Bands
Hollow Rock String Band
Hollow Rock first LP
Hollow Rock second LP CD reissue

Fuzzy Mountain String Band
Fuzzy Mountain pics from the '70s
Union Grove 1970 by Bill Hicks
Fuzzy Mountain Pics from 1995
Fuzzy Mountain Music

Tommy Thompson Tribute Site

Old Time Herald Memorial by Bill Hicks
Oxford American Memorial by Hal Crowther
Jessie’s letters about Tommy
A Tune for Tommy
Tributes from Tommy's friends and fans
Last Song of John Proffit
Carrboro performances and interviews 1998
Tarheel of the Week 1992
Option Music Alternatives Interview 1988
‘New-timey music’ a Rambler calls it
Folk Life interview Part 1 1978
Folk Life interview Part 2 1978
Tommy writes Coming to Hollow Rock
Hollow Rock String Band
1970 Interview in NC Anvil
Mike Craver's "Visiting Tommy"
Red Clay Ramblers Reunion NCMA, 2003


History of the Red Clay Ramblers

Blurred Time - Bill Hicks' history of the band 1972 - 1981

Paradise Inn
Time Continues
War Pipes
A Trip with Ralph
Sweet Corn
Birmingham Diner

 Red Clay Ramblers Souvenirs

RCR and Theater
Interview after Studs (Tommy/Bill)
Blurs in the Smithsonian at Carter Family’s Fold
RCR: Evolution of a String Band
RCR: String Band Music for the 80s
Folkscene: Everyone's Favorite String Band
Folkscene: Cambridge Folk Festival
NPR 1979 interview with Tommy Thompson
Folkscene: Ralph Stanley/Red Clay Ramblers concert
Victory Review: Ralph Stanley/RCR contrast in style
Bluegrass Unlimited cover article
Pickin': What the Red Clay Ramblers Play
Folk Life: RCR at Godfrey Daniels
"Ramblers Bill Hicks Lives for the Music"
Bill Hicks Interview: "RCR Style is Eclectic"
Mandocrucian's Digest: Jim Watson
Jim Watson 1978 Duke alumni interview
"Red Clay Ramblers Warble at Ark"
"Red Clay Ramblers Return to Cabaret"
"Old Time Sounds With Wit, In Taste"
Fly By Night Club Concert, Anchorage Alaska
Jack and Tommy on Lie of the Mind
Twisted Laurel review
Chickhominy flyer
Vancouver flyer
Garrison Keillor’s newsletter
Option Music Alternatives Interview 1988
Red Clay Ramblers at 20
Life on the Mississippi
Sing Out! "Boogerboo"
Posters: Gigs, Studs, International
See Also: Diamond Studs Souvenirs

Carter Family Connections

Mike Craver writes - siging at Janette Carter's funeral
Mike Craver's journal - meeting Sara Carter
Mike journal - singing at Sara's funeral
Mike's journal - AP Carter Memorial Fest
Mike's Journal - Cash-Crowell Wedding Reception
Jim Watson's memory of Sara's funeral
Ramblers on the 2006 Carter Family Memorial Festival fan

Tour calendars

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November ’76
Feb-May ’77
May-June ’77
July-Aug ’77

1977: A Year in the 
Life of a Rambler

Oct-Dec ’77
Jan-April ’78
April-Aug ’78

July-Aug ’78
April-June ’79
Summer ’79
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Fall ’80
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Summer '85
Fall '85
  • Red Clay Ramblers recordings
  • Bill Hicks, Mike Craver, Jim Watson: a growing list of individual work
  • links to mp3s and sound files
  • RCR with Debby McClatchy, Si Kahn, Al McCanless, and Eugene Chadbourne
  • sound tracks and scores
  • BUY BLURS: links to sales sources if available

  • New! Extras pages for Chuckin' the Frizz, Merchants Lunch, Twisted Laurel
Diamond Studs - Red Clay Ramblers in their first New York musical

Clive Barnes review in The New York Times
Newsweek review by Jack Kroll | Saturday Review
Recordings of Diamond Studs music
Interview at the beginning of Studs
Interview after Studs (Tommy/Bill)
"Will Success Spoil the Homefolks?
Studs Miami opening "The Studs Saga"
Color photo of cast | Black and white stills
Playbill from NY and Studs cash
Ranch House Playbills: original run  return to NC
Flyer for DC | Flyer for NY concerts
New York Magazine clipping
Village Voice and NY Times ads for NY concerts
Stories: Perry Young, Kerry Blech, Bill Hicks
Studs Posters

Red Clay Ramblers Links
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  • links to old-time or acoustic sites
  • friends
  • links to the official Red Clay Ramblers website
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