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Cover of Merchants Lunch, UK version
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Bill Hicks, Tommy Thompson, Jim Watson, Jack Herrick, and Mike Craver - 1977
   This picture, taken by Cece Conway, was used on the recording of Merchants Lunch (and used as the inspiration for the Merchants Lunch cover above.)
The front cover of Meeting in the Air, the songs of the Carter Family, sung by the pictured Jim Watson, Mike Craver, and Tommy Thompson. (photo by Chris Baker) 
The Red Clay Ramblers at the Cat's Cradle, Chapel Hill, NC, April, 1974.  This  photo was  used on the sheet music of "You Were Only F-bleep-ing While I Was Making Love," Bill's music and lyrics, Mike's arrangement.   (photo by Chuck Lewis)
An outtake of the back of Twisted Laurel - 1976 
Bill, Sharon (?), Tommy, Tom Ashley, Mike, Jim, Jack, Scott Bradley (from Diamond Studs) (photo by Cece Conway)

Red Clay Ramblers album covers in chronological order over the years of the original or nearly original era
See the Recordings page for more information on the music and the musicians.

Red Clay Ramblers
Stolen Love
Twisted Laurel
Merchants Lunch
Chuckin' the Frizz
Hard Times
A Lie of the Mind
It Ain't Right
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