the musicians who created the Red Clay Ramblers
Tommy Thompson | Bill Hicks | Jim Watson | Mike Craver
Tommy Thompson (1937 - 2003)
Red Clay Rambler from 1972 - 1994
banjo, guitar, songwriter
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Tommy Thompson Memorial site

Red Clay Ramblers, Cats Cradle 1973

Red Clay Ramblers at A. P. Carter's Store, 1975.  (Photo from the Smithsonian)
Bill Hicks
Red Clay Rambler from 1972 - 1981
fiddle, songwriter
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William Hicks Masonry - Bill's homepage
Jim Watson
Red Clay Rambler from 1972 - 1986
mandolin, bass, guitar
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An early practice of the Red Clay Ramblers in Tommy's basement with Tom Ashley Thompson for the audience.  (Photo by John Rosenthal)

From the cover of the Red Clay Ramblers self-titled first recording

Mike Craver
Red Clay Rambler from 1973 - 1986
piano, guitar, songwriter
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Many other musicians have been part of the Red Clay Ramblers through the years.  Information on many of them can be found here.

July 4, 2010