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Their business card--artist Kerry Blech--Circa 1974
Jim Watson, Bill Hicks, Mike Craver, and Tommy Thompson
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The Red Clay Ramblers Recordings by 1986

Red Clay Ramblers
with Fiddlin' Al McCanless

Folkways 31039 (1974) The very first Red Clay Ramblers LP!
RCR: Bill Hicks, Jim Watson, Mike Craver, Tommy Thompson
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Boogerboo, My Only Sweetheart, Kissing is a Crime, Tell it to Me, Ducks on the Pond, Wagon Yard, Durang's Hornpipe, Girl Behind the Bar, Birdie, Miller's Reel/Wake Up Susan, Tennessee Coon, Call to a Foreign Field, Give the Fiddler a Dram, I Got the Whiskey, Bolger's Hornpipe, House of David Blues, Traveling That Highway Home

Stolen Love

Flying Fish FF-009 (l975) 
RCR: Bill Hicks, Jim Watson, Mike Craver, Tommy Thompson

Yellow Rose of Texas, Big Sciota, Abe's Retreat, The Golden Vanity, Stolen Love, 
I Got What It Takes (But It Breaks My Heart to Give It Away), Keep the Home Fires Burning, Honey Babe, Balleydesmond Polka, Wind and Rain, She's Been After Man Ever Since, Kingdom Coming (In the Year of Jubilo), Staten Island Hornpipe, Parting Hand, Forked Deer

Chuckin' the Frizz
(Live at the Cat's Cradle)

Flying Fish FF 089 (1979)
RCR: Bill Hicks, Jack Herrick, Jim Watson, Mike Craver, Tommy Thompson

Fourth of July at a Country Fair, Thoroughly African Man, Cabin Home, Hot Buttered Rum, Three Bells Road, Baby Grand, Play "Rocky Top", Santa Anna's March/Fine Times at Our House/Donegal Reel, Aragon Mill, Wahoo, Wahoo, Wahoo, Tilly Take Your Time, Paddy Won't You Drink Some Cider

Frizz EXTRAS page
with some fine honors and reviews
Two Red Clay Ramblers recordings on one CD!
Meeting in the Air

Flying Fish FF-219 (1980) Songs of the Carter Family CD Version is here!
Jim Watson, Mike Craver, & Tommy Thompson
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Anchored  in Love, While the Band Is Playing Dixie, The Stern Old Bachelor, The Winding Stream, The Schoolhouse on the Hill, The Wayworn Traveler, Meeting in the Air, I Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow, One Little Word, Dixie Darling, Lula Walls, Are You Tired of Me, My Darling?, Give Me the Roses, When the Roses Bloom in Dixieland

Merchants Lunch

Flying Fish FF-055 (1977)
RCR: Bill Hicks, Jack Herrick, Jim Watson, Mike Craver, Tommy Thompson

Merchants Lunch, A Beefalo Special, Woman Down in Memphis, Molly Put the Kettle On, Milwaukee Blues, Melancholy,
Rabbit in the Pea Patch, I've Got Plans
Kildare's Fancy/Ships Are Sailing/High Yellow (not on CD version), Daniel Prayed, Forked Deer, Henhouse Blues, Sweet and Slow

Merchants Lunch EXTRAS page!
Twisted Laurel EXTRAS page!
Eugene Chadbourne reviews!

Twisted Laurel

Flying Fish FF-030 (1976) 
RCR: Bill Hicks, Jack Herrick, Jim Watson, Mike Craver, Tommy Thompson
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Blue Jay/The Girl I left Behind Me, Twisted Laurel, The Hobo's Last Letter, Rockingham Cindy (not on CD version), Mississippi Delta Blues, The Telephone Girl, Will You Miss Me, The Ace, The Corrugated Lady, When Bacon Was Scarce/Ryestraw, I Was Only Teasing You, Fifty Miles of Elbow Room, Flying Cloud Cotillion, The Beale Street Blues
Note: "Kildare's Fancy" and "High Yellow" from the LP version of Merchants Lunch open and close early editions of Roy Underhill's The Woodwright's Shop televised on PBS stations.

Hard Times

Flying Fish FF-246 (1981) This is Bill's last recording with RCR.  He's on 4 songs*; Clay Buckner fiddles on the others with Jack Herrick, Jim Watson, Mike Craver, Tommy Thompson

Chesapeake Bay*, Wind and Rain, Fiddler A Dram/Murphy's Hornpipe, Matinee Idol, The Face in the Mirror*, Hard Times*, Chicken, Trip to Sligo/Priest and His Boots/Three Little Drummers, I Crept Into the Crypt, When the Goldenrod is Blooming Once Again*, Three Guys, The Gang's Gone Home, Long Time Traveling
It Ain't Right

Flying Fish FF-334 (l986)
RCR: Jack Herrick, Jim Watson, Mike Craver, Tommy Thompson, Clay Buckner
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It Ain't Right, Valley of the Dry Bones, Dust and Nothing Else, Jim Cannaan's, Regions of Rain, Merchant's Lunch, Old Fashioned Girl, Way Long Gone, Life's a Mystery
Willow Garden, Satan's Choir, Fall on My Knees/The Wandering Boy

A Lie of the Mind

Sugar Hill, RCD 10034 (l986) The music for Sam's Shepard's play
RCR: Jim Watson, Mike Craver, Tommy Thompson, Jack Herrick, Clay Buckner 
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Run Sister Run, South of the Border in the Pines, Honey Babe, I Love You a Thousand Ways, Home is Where the Heart Is, Seeing It Snow, BlueJay/The Gal I Left Behind Me, Light Years Away, Cumberland Mountain Deer Chase, Red Rocking Chair, Montana Underscoring, Killing Floor, Can't Live Without 'em Blues, Folding the Flag/Hard Times

The Music Continues 2012
Craver, Hicks, Watson, Newberry
You've Been A Friend To Me

Barker Records 2012 (2012) The long-awaited first official recording from Mike Craver, Bill Hicks, Jim Watson, and Joe Newberry.
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Sally Ann, Kiss Me Quick, Missouri Borderland, The Man From Tennessee, I'm Getting Ready to Go, How Does a Glass Eye Work?, Uncle Charlie's Revenge, My Old Cottage Home, Ship in the Clouds/Red Fox, In the Shadow of the Pines, Lowe Bonnie, Piney Mountains, Tying Ten Knots in the Devil's Tail, You've Been a Friend To Me, Texas Gals

"gloriously revives the spirit and sound of the Ramblers’ early years" ... Jack Bernhardt, Raleigh News & Observer.  Full review

"There is great singing, great fiddling, great banjo playing, and great everything else. Have you figured out yet that I give my highest recommendation to this recording? If you like old-time music, if you like music period, find this recording and play it over and over again, and you will see what I mean." ...Bluegrass Unlimited. Full review

"in terms of elan and verve and all those other words that point to the all-important spirit, You've Been a Friend to Me ranks right near the top." ...Bill Wagner, The Old Time Herald (full review)

The Red Clay Ramblers with Other Folks
Debby McClatchy with the Red Clay Ramblers

Green Linnet SIF 1003 (1976)
RCR: Bill Hicks, Jim Watson, Mike Craver, Tommy Thompson, Jack Herrick
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Seeing the Elephant, Brown and Yellow Earl, I’ve Cried a Mile, Derry Down Fair, Just from Dawson, Humbug Steamship Companies, Hills of Kentucky, Muirton Durken, You were only F-bleep-g While I was Making Love, Dainty Davie, Apples in Winter, Wife’s Lament, Land Beyond the Blue
Ramblers saywe worked [with Debby] for the first time when Debby joined the cast of “Diamond Studs” for the last three months of its New York run. . .The pleasure of working with her on this record has far surpassed our expectations.

Country Protest
Fundamental Save 7 (1985)
Eugene Chadbourne
RCR: Jim Watson, Mike Craver, Tommy Thompson, Jack Herrick, Clay Buckner

Doing My Job

Flying Fish 221 (1982) 
Si Kahn with backup by the Red Clay Ramblers
RCR: Bill Hicks, Jack Herrick, Jim Watson, Mike Craver, Tommy Thompson
Wild Rose of the Mountain, Bleeding Hearts, Gentle With Me Darling, Rock a Little Baby, Black Gold, Detroit December, Who's Watching the Man, Rock Me, Roll Me, Blue Ridge Mountain Refugee, Doing My Job, Mississippi Summer, Old King Cotton, Five Days a Week, Go to Work on Monday, Crossing the Border

The Ramblers played on "Medley in C" an 11-minute medley comprising Always on My Mind, Whiter Shade of Pale, San Francisco Nights, Ain’t Misbehavin’, Imagine, TV Party, Misty, Dang Me, England Swings, I Started a Joke, To Sir With Love, Some Guys Have all the Luck, Waltz Across Texas, The Shah Sleeps in Lee Harvey’s Grave.  RCR was also a part of Wild Angels, W. Va Spec, and Universal Soldier.  (10 more songs)  Some of the medley is also available on Chadbourne Barber Shop.
Jim writes of the Country Protest Recording: "We met Eugene Chadbourne when he married a friend of ours.  Eugene and Emmy married in NYC and we played at the reception.  So we had known him for a while before we recorded with him.  He used to play semi-regularly in Chapel Hill at the Cat's Cradle/Rhythm Alley and the Station in Carrboro.  We recorded the long medley (all songs in C) and an instrumental (the West Va. Spec.) at Steve Gronbeck's TGS studio outside of Chapel Hill. Mike's knowledge of rock 'n' roll came in handy with the medley.  There was some uncertainty about how the instrumental was going to end, which is out there for all to hear, but Eugene thought it was great so that's how it stayed on the album.  He is one of the more unusual performers that one will run across.  I'm not sure I understand all that he does, but there is no doubt that he is really talented and certainly entertaining." 
CLASSIC BLUEGRASS vol. 2 (2005), Smithsonian Folkways CD.  Our Ramblers perform "The Girl Behind the Bar" from their first LP, The Red Clay Ramblers with Fiddlin' Al McCanless (1974) The booklets accompanying the Smithsonian Folkways compilations have this to say about RCR: "The Red Clay Ramblers are the most important group formed during the string-band revival that occurred in the 1970s around Durham, in central North Carolina." CLASSIC OLD-TIME MUSIC (2003), Smithsonian Folkways CD. Included are "House of David Blues" by the Red Clay Ramblers from their first LP, The Red Clay Ramblers with Fiddlin' Al McCanless (1974) and "Love Somebody (Soldier's Joy)" by Tommy Thompson and Joe Thompson
Individual Recordings by the Red Clay Ramblers founding members after they left the band
Bill & Libby Hicks
South of Nowhere

Copper Creek CCCD-0193 (2001) Bill & Libby Hicks range from old-time tunes to Bill's original songs, blues to folk

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Dog Passed Ryestraw, Evenin' Breeze, Big Road Blues, Sugar Hill/Sally Ann, Reelin' Down, Anasazi Premonition, It Hurts Me Too, Turn Out the Lights,  Ducks on the Mill Pond, The Island Rockers, Tear Stained Eye, Beautiful, John Henry, Uncle Charlie's Revenge

Bill & Libby's homepage
FREE MP3 of "Turn Out the Lights"

Mike Craver
Bosh & Moonshine

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The Beautiful The Bibulous Babylon, The Ballad of Frederick Fosdick, The Mortician from Morden Manitoba, The Ballad of Deadwood Dan, Summerville Colorado, There's a Hole in Your Tights, Oh What a Golden Dream, What Ladies Love, The Night I Met Miss B., The Dame of Camellias, The Girl in the Gem Saloon, Ode to Mysterious Dave Mather, When It's Rhubarb Time in Orangeville, The Ghost in the Theatre, Stuffed People, Railroading on the Great I. C., Yesteryear. 

Mike's homepage

Jim Watson
Christmas at the Cave

Barker 1225 (2012) Jim's 26th annual Christmas at the Cave show now on CD!
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Christmas Time's A-Coming, Making Plans, That Old Christmas Moon, On This Christmas Day, The Birthday of our King, Mary's Boy Child, Nothing But A Child, Old Toy Trains, I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus/Santa Looked a Lot Like Daddy, One of Everything You Got, Up On the Housetop, There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays/There's No Place Like Home on Christmas, Christmas in the Trenches, O Little Town of Bethlehem, I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day, Away in a Manger, White Christmas, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.  BONUS VIDEOS on the CD: We Three Kings, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Jim's homepage

Bill Hicks
The Perfect Gig

Admit One 1001(2002) Bill Hicks' first solo record of all original songs and includes live versions from The Cave, Chapel Hill, NC
Buy CD: from Bill | CDBaby | Amazon

The SOB in the Carvel Truck, Deer Hunter's Blues, Polar Bears on the Moon, By Half, The Evidence, Wet July, When Change is No Longer Possible, Were They Happy?, Noir Bubble, Water Lights, Bridges, Play "Rocky Top", Exposure, The Perfect Gig, La Senorita de la Launderia, Uncle Charlie's Revenge, Last Call

Mike Craver and Clyde Edgerton
The Bible Salesman

Sapsucker 2328 (2009) Story and song from the latest novel by Clyde Edgerton, read and performed by Clyde and Mike

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Mrs. Albright's, Uncle Jack, Mr. Clearwater, Marleen, Bunny, Sunday School, A Departure, Bra Business, Day of Reckoning, McGarren Island, and including "Sweet as the Flowers in Maytime" by the Carter Family and other chestnuts, as well as 9 new original songs

Jim Watson
This World Would Be All Sunshine

Barker 726 (2008) Jim Watson's third solo CD.  Also appearing, Mike Craver, Bill Hicks, Joe Newberry, Kevin Maul, Gary Williamson, Alice Gerrard, Chris Bashear, LeRoy Savage, Tony Williamson, and Comfort Collins Smith
Buy CD: from Jim

If I Only Had a Home, Somewhere Down Below the Dixon Line, Sweet Sunny South, The Death of Ellenton, Have I Stayed Away Too Long, Calling the Prodigal, Prodigal Son, A Distant Land to Roam, Write a Letter to My Mother, Daddy and Home, Mother's Last Farewell Kiss, Where the Whippoorwill Is Whispering Goodnight, A Vision of Mother, Prairie Lullaby, Uncloudy Day, If I Only Had a Home

Mike Craver
Fishing For Amour
CD bonus tracks!!
Flying Fish 330 (1984) Mike Craver's first solo album
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Fishing for Amour, Woolly Sheepsong, When You're Lying Awake, Always Leave 'Em Laughin' When you Say Goodbye; Life's A Funny Proposition After All, Mythic Time, The French Paratrooper. Come Again! Sweet Love Doth Now Invite, Parisian Pierrot, Spoonyland, Councilhouse in Gabarone, Back In Your Own Backyard, bonus CD tracks: Old Mister Soul, Secrets in the Sand, The Way You Look Tonight, Jim

Mike Craver
Wagoner's Lad

Sapsucker 2323 (1999) Mike Craver's second solo album

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A Wagoner's Lad, Black Randy, Waiting for the Coming Storm, Little Brown Bat, Dewberry Place, Down at the Crossroads, Freddy, Ollie's Song, Soldier in the Rain, In the Bottom of the Leadville Mine, Lord Gregory/Big Tree Lodge, Judy, One Day When Now Is Gone
See Mike's Store for cast recordings from his plays, sheet music, and songs from Lunch at the Piccadilly

Jim Watson
Willie's Redemption

Barker 1107 (2001) Jim Watson's second solo CD.  Also appearing, Mike Craver, Bill Hicks, Chris Frank, Alan Jabbour, Joe Newberry, Tony Williamson, Gary Williamson, Alice Gerrard, Bill Newton, Bill DeTurk, Robin & Linda Williams, Kevin Maul
Buy CD: from Jim

Jordan Is a Hard Road to Travel/Jawbones, My Blue-Eyed Jane, Sad and Blue, Lazy Farmer Boy, In the Hills of Tennessee, Leaving Dear Old Ireland, Sinking in the Lonesome Sea, If the River Was Whiskey, Mississippi Moon, Ragged Bill, Let's Be Lovers Again, Tell Mother I Will Meet Her, The Light at the River


Radio Gals | Oil City Symphony

Lunch at the Piccadilly

Mike Craver has several theater projects on CD.  Please visit Mike's site and store for more info and purchasing.
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Mike Craver
Shining Down

Sapsucker 2324 (2002) Mike Craver's third solo - a programme of comic novelties and pensive ballades sung and played upon the pianoforte
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Diamond Lil, Kalamazoo, Dear Mr. Gershwin, That Wicky Wacky Hula Hula Honka Wonka Honolulu Hawaiian Honey of Mine, Shining Down, Cimarron Cyclone, Butterfield Stage, When I Was a Little Wee Babe, Argonne Wood, Edwin, Rhode Island is Famous For You, Everyone's Gone to the Moon, I'm Yellow, Watson Come Here I Want You

Jim Watson
Don't Tell Me, I Don't Know

Barker 1218 (1999) Jim Watson's first solo record - Bill Hicks, Mike Craver, Chris Frank, others
Buy CD: from Jim

Them Beautiful Bottles, Just Keep Waiting 'Til the Good Times Come, I'm Going to the West, Miss the Mississippi and You, Walls of Time, Leaving Home, Elzic's Farewell, Faded Coat of Blue, Bill Mason, My Carolina Sunshine Girl, Young Emily, Mother The Queen of My Heart, Sugar Coated Love, Reunion in Heaven

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