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The Start
6th Kent Folk Festival
Bill Hicks plays with the Fuzzy Mountain String Band then joins Tommy Thompson and Jim Watson on stage for the premier of the Red Clay Ramblers (1973) [story]
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The Finish
Emmylou Harris
The last big show of the Red Clay Ramblers before Bill retired from the band and ended the all-original era. (1980)
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The Big Break
Diamond Studs
From the Ranch House in Chapel Hill, Diamond Studs shoots to Off-Broadway glory in New York City.  The Blurs quit their day jobs. (1974) 
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And the good times in between . . .
Williamsburg, VA
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Kent State '74
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U. of Iowa
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Sam Shepard's
Lie of the Mind '85
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With Ralph Stanley
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in New York
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Original poster in the collection of Roy C. Dicks
Gottagetgon '76
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Staten Island
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Horse Pens
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America's Premier
Whatzit Band
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Godfrey Daniels (both 1977)
Cat's Cradle, December 1980
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Matt Barrett (of The Dads) has posted several more Cat's Cradle calendars from the early 80s.  These calendars and the one above were drawn by Parthenon Huxley, AKA Rick Miller.  Most include Red Clay Ramblers group or individual gigs.
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U. Penn
Cradle_set_1975.gif (14217 bytes)
Cat's Cradle set list
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Santa Monica
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One Night Only
(but what a night!)
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Flying Fish Red Clay Ramblers Publicity Pics and Flyers
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Chuckin' the Frizz Era ~1979
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Hard Times Era ~1981
Original posters are in the collections of Mike Craver and Bill Hicks

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